Furniture For a Log House

Regardless of where you live in the world, the thought of heading to your log house during the winter can warm anyone's heart. The charm, peace and quiet, and the overall atmosphere of a log house is something to look forward to, even if it is just a weekend. When you enter a place and you see everything made of wood - even the wooden garden furniture - you get a comforting feeling that takes you to a different era, back in time during your holiday. 

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Perhaps you own a rustic log cabin for extended stays, or you rent one for a getaway during a normal weekend. Maybe someone in your family or even a distant relative owned one and that atmosphere takes you back to your childhood. Or you simply have seen movies, photos, and like the overall feeling of being in one. Be as it may, the log cabin and its wooden furniture give a rustic feel that make you attracted to it - perhaps even willing to come back.

Log houses were first described by Vitruvius Polio in his Treatise on Architecture. In former Roman province Dacia (today's Romania), people built residences by laying logs horizontally, on top of each other. They filled the gaps with mud and chips.

Norway, Finland, Sweden, the Baltic states, and northern Russia all have a big amount of straight, tall pines. Log home construction is very popular there due to the abundance of materials. Eastern and Central Europe have similar circumstances and climate, along with parts of Asia. Later on, the United States and Canada also saw many log houses being built for the same reasons.

The first log houses are believed to have been built during the Bronze Age in Scandinavia. The logs were piled up in the shape of a pyramid. Archaeological findings from the middle ages indicate that log houses were common buildings at the time. It is believed they were built using only an axe and a knife. Some theorists affirm that the Vikings used their ship building methods into their log home building techniques.

Today, log homes are built in wooden areas as a place for relaxing. Many new homes can be seen as country residences, garden buildings, mountain cabins, summer houses in the woods, tool houses, small hunting cabins, and so on - especially in Sweden and Finland. Older villages in northern Europe have been built exclusively out of log homes and decorated with wood cuttings.

Modern log houses have many comforts built into. Their are well insulated and require no extra heating systems. These timber homes are built to last for a long time, especially because their maintenance is much simpler than that of a normal brick house.

In fact, they are a good alternative for those who are interested in living a greener life. Experienced builders can take simple logs and turn them into the perfect building materials. As a result, your log home will allow you to save money on heating and cooling costs, be insulated from excessive noise, and even be fire resistant.